iPhone 14 Concept Proposes a Second Screen, Air Charging

The iPhone 13 is here, but just like everybody else, Apple is struggling to make the device available to everybody, as the chip shortage just keeps wreaking havoc in the entire industry.

So while the company is working around the clock on dealing with the lack of components for the iPhone 13, some people are already dreaming about the iPhone 13.

And a concept recently published online by ConceptsiPhone provides us with an early look at a revolutionary iPhone 14 that’s probably not going to happen.

Ambitious overhaul

The iPhone 14 concept envisions massive upgrades for Apple’s flagship product, and without a doubt, one of the most notable is the addition of a secondary screen that slides it from the back.

In other words, the iPhone 14 becomes a dual-screen device, with this secondary panel being used specifically for input. This means the iPhone more or less becomes a more pro… (read more)

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