iPhone 15 Could Borrow Design Ideas From iPhone 5C

While Apple is all-in on the iPhone 14, trying to make all versions of the new-generation lineup as successful as possible (and not just the Pros), leakers out there are already focusing on the very next model the company is working on.

ShrimpApplePro, who has a solid track on Apple leaks, has shared what seem to be the very first design tidbits about the upcoming iPhone 15.

According to their own sources, the current design of the iPhone 15, which is obviously in an early stage so a lot could change in the coming months, employs a new border style similar to the iPhone 5C.

In other words, the back edge corner of the iPhone will no longer be square but rounded, just like on the iPhone 5C launched many years ago.

On the other hand, Apple is apparently working on making the iPhone feel even more premium, so the upcoming generation will sport a titanium case for extra durability and a more exqu… (read more)

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