iPhone 7 Sold Out Worldwide As Buyers Don’t Seem to Care About Headphone Jack

Apple is getting ready to start sales of the iPhone 7, but it turns out that those who want to get one from a retail store on Friday might have the unpleasant surprise of not finding any, as Cupertino is running out of certain versions of the new model.

Cupertino claims that the iPhone 7 Plus is sold out in absolutely all versions and all storage configurations, while the 4.7-inch model is no longer available in the newly-introduced Jet Black color.

While this could point to early success for the iPhone 7, it’s hard to estimate how many units Apple is selling as part of the pre-order program because the company isn’t willing to share first-weekend sales figures.

Furthermore, the rumor mill is claiming that the firm might actually make only limited stocks available at first in order to sell out the iPhone 7 faster, but at the same time, reports coming from sources with knowledge of the matter indicate that the company has already ordered more units from suppliers t… (read more)

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