iPhone 8 Fast Charging Isn’t Such a Big Deal as Apple Claimed It to Be

One of the highlights of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X is fast charging, a feature that has been available on Android devices for many years, but which only now makes it to Apple’s flagship product.

But to truly enjoy fast charging on the iPhone 8, you need to purchase some extra gear, including a 29W USB-C Power Adapter (61W and 87W adapters work too) for $50 from Apple and a USB-C to Lightning cable, which costs $25. This means you need to spend $75 more only to get fast charging work on your brand-new iPhone.

But as long-time iPhone users probably know already, some kind of fast charging was already available on the iPhone when the iPad charger was used, though this system wasn’t exactly a fast charging feature per se. This is because the iPad charger offers twice more the power of an iPhone adapter, as it generates 10W or 12W depending on iPad model.

This means an iPad charger should charge the iPhone substantially faster than the… (read more)

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