iPhone Cases Recalled After Causing Skin Irritations and Burns

An iPhone user is not an iFan unless they buy a glittery case that makes the phone shine from all angles just like a piece of expensive jewelry. But it turns out that some of those who purchased glittery iPhone cases from MixBin Electronics found out the hard way the iPhone looks cooler without a case and, at the same time, their health is not in any way at risk.

A number of glitter cases filled with an unnamed liquid is causing all kinds of skin irritations, burns, and blisters, according to a warning issued by the parent company, with a global recall now under way.

MixBin says customers should stop using the cases immediately, as it discovered that a possible crack that would allow the liquid to come in contact with the skin could lead to skin ailments, though there are no specifics as to what liquid it used or how to treat the injuries. Users with skin injuries should see a doctor ASAP.

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