iPhone Ends Up Locked for 47 Years After Too Many Failed Passcode Attempts

The brute-force attack protection on an iPhone locked out the owner for no less than 47 years after way too many repeated failed passcode attempts.

According to a report from SMCP, it all happened after a child was left watching educational videos on an iPhone, only for the mother to discover that the device was then locked for 25 million minutes.

The explanation of what happened is as simple as it could be: the toddler repeatedly tried to enter the passcode after the device locked automatically when idle, and given the way the protection system on the iPhone works, the lockout eventually reached 47 years.

Apple tries to prevent iPhones from being hacked with brute-force attacks by increasing the waiting times for new passcode attempts as the unlocking process fails. So the more incorrect passcode attempts take place, the longer the waiting time.

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