iPhone Fan/Hater Donald Trump Also Uses an iPad He Calls “The Flat One”

In addition to using an iPhone to tweet his thoughts at 3 AM every once in a while, United States President Donald Trump also owns an iPad, though, for him, the tablet has a different name.

ABC News White House correspondent Tara Palmeri recently tweeted some interesting bits about how Donald Trump interacts with technology, explaining that he’s actually using an iPad that he calls “the flat one.”

Now, we’re not going to try to guess why Trump calls the iPad like that because this is pretty much impossible, as Apple’s tablet is by no means flat or flatter than other tablets. But for some reason, calling it “the flat one” helps the President find the iPad easier, so as long as this does the job, that’s perfectly alright. At least he doesn’t refer to the iPad as “the big iPhone.”

In case you’re wondering, the iPad’s purpose is to help the President “read things… (read more)

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