iPhone X Crushes Every Android Device on the Planet, Early Benchmarks Show

Everyone’s expecting the iPhone X to be super-fast, but a set of leaked benchmarks shows the device will actually be a space rocket as compared to the majority of Android phones on the market.

Earlier today, Geekbench displayed the test results of a new Apple device called iPhone10.5, which is very likely to be the iPhone X launching in approximately one hour at the Apple Park.

And while the scores might not tell you too much at first glance, it’s interesting to compare the results of the iPhone X with the ones that the top Android devices received.

The Samsung Galaxy S8, for instance, which is currently one the most powerful Android devices on the market, received 2024 points in the single-core test and 6279 points in the multi-core test. iPhone X? You’re not going to believe it: 4,095 in the single core and 9969 in the multi core.

All Android devices far behind

It goes without saying t… (read more)

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