iPhone X Found on Bottom of River After Two Weeks, Still Works – Video

iPhone X does feature IP67 water resistance, but you’re still not recommended to use it when swimming or even when taking a shower.

And yet, this appears to be more of a way for Apple not to take any risks, as the iPhone X seems to be totally capable of surviving when submerged into deeper water if what you see here isn’t a smart PR stunt from the Cupertino-based firm.

An iPhone X was recovered after two weeks from the bottom of a river, left for some three days to dry out and then returned to the owner, all in perfect working condition.

PR stunt?

YouTuber Dallas, who owns the channel called Man + River and goes snorkeling in a river to look for lost items, discovered several valuable things, like a 10K ring and a silver iPhone X. As far as the latter is concerned, Dallas decided to open it up and let it dry out, in order to try power the device on some three days later.

The owner was Alyssa, who said she lost the iPhone X in the river approxima… (read more)

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