iPhone X Plus Side by Side with Current iPhone X – Video

Apple is getting ready to unveil three different iPhone models this year, and despite the company struggling to keep everything secret, we already know pretty much everything about them.

A video published today shows a comparison between two of the new models and the current iPhone X, all based on dummies created using the rumors that have been making the rounds lately from the most reliable sources.

As you can see for yourselves in the video below, there’s nothing too surprising, as all models would stick with the iPhone X design approach, but instead come with small differences to set them apart from the others.

Three iPhones

First and foremost, there’s going to be a successor to the iPhone X that would look nearly the same as the existing model, but which would most likely focus on hardware upgrades. A new and faster chip, possibly a RAM upgrade, and refined camera are all expected to be offered on the 2018 iPhone X.

Then, there’s the more af… (read more)

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