iPhone X Will Hide Notifications When Someone Else Is Looking at the Screen

Apple has prepared a new set of options for iOS 11 in terms of notification management, and it looks like the iPhone X will come with a welcome bonus that relies on the facial recognition cameras.

First and foremost, just like in previous versions, with iOS 11 both old and new iPhone models can hide the content of lock screen notifications, displaying only the app that’s generating them. In other words, if someone sends you a message on iMessage, you only see a notification sent by iMessage, but without actually previewing the content of the message or the sender information.

This comes in particularly handy for increased privacy on iPhones, and users can configure the options from Settings > Notifications > Show Previews, with 3 settings available, namely always, when unlocked, and never.

Increased notification privacy

But thanks to the facial recognition cameras, the iPhone X will be able to enhance this feature even further, making it possible… (read more)

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