iPhones Can Be Hacked by Simply Connecting Them to a Trusted Laptop

Gone are the days when iPhones were considered the most secure smartphones on the market, as more and more reports point to vulnerabilities or bugs that make it possible for somebody else than the device owner to access personal data on the handset.

This time, security company Symantec discovered a bug that allows a malicious actor to access data stored on an iPhone, deploy malware, or even see what’s happening on the screen in real-time by simply connecting it to a trusted laptop.

The method is called trustjacking and it comes down to how the iPhone handles permissions after being connected to a laptop or PC.

When plugging the iPhone into the USB port of a computer, owners are prompted to choose whether they want to trust the device or not, and if they do, to grant the permission to read data stored on the device. But granting access to the iPhone and then disconnecting the handset doesn’t guarantee that you’re secure, as enabling iTunes Wi-Fi sync makes it possi… (read more)

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