iPhones to be Sold in Argentina Could Cost Double The Price in the US

Over the past few years, Apple refrained from selling iPhones in Argentina, because of regulatory hurdles for device imports. Back in 2009, the Argentinian President at the time put in place a number of regulations that prevented companies like Apple from selling products in the country.

The regulation affected all major companies and required tech giants to assemble devices in Argentina if they wished to sell them in the country. Some companies, including Samsung, abided by the rules and set up plants in the country, so they could make Argentinians their customers.

A report by Bloomberg reveals that the Argentinian government intends to lift the restrictions and thus allow companies like Apple to import and sell iPhones created in other countries. However, the Cupertino company could face a hefty import tax, that would make iPhones sold in… (read more)

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