iPhones with Fortnite Pre-Installed Go on Sale at Ridiculous Prices

Fortnite is now a banned title on both Android and iPhone, but while Google users can actually bypass the removal of the app from the Play Store by turning to the stand-alone APK installer, nothing can be done in the Apple world.

Cupertino’s walled garden leaves users with no option when it comes to installing an app that’s no longer in the App Store, and this is what makes an iPhone with Fortnite already installed something that so many people are drooling over.

And because the demand for such a mix is incredible these days, many people have noticed the opportunity to make a small fortune out of the whole thing, so they posted iPhones with Fortnite pre-installed on the likes of eBay.

This is how you can end up buying an iPhone with Fortnite for as high as $10,000, as <a href="https://www… (read more)

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