Latest iOS Beta No Longer Disables Face ID After Screen Replacement

One surprising change that took place on the iPhone 13 concerned the way screen replacement are handled, as Apple apparently wanted to have full control of the displays that are installed on its devices.

More specifically, iPhone 13 no longer allowed third-party screen replacements unless they were performed in an authorized shop. DIY screen replacements, on the other hand, came with one major restriction: such a process automatically disabled Face ID on the device.

In other words, replacing the broken screen on an iPhone 13 was no longer possible at third-party shops unless they were part of Apple’s network and were allowed to register the new screen.

Otherwise, the shops needed more professional equipment, including tools to move a microcontroller from the original display to the new one, just to make sure Face ID is not disabled.

Apple promised to address the whole thing by removing this restriction in an iOS update, and as it turns out, the company has kept i… (read more)

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