Leak Confirms USB-C on iPhone 15

The upcoming iPhone generation, which according to Apple’s typical calendar is projected to land in September, will come with several big changes, and one of them is the transition to USB-C.

While Apple has long been trying to resist the trend and stick with its proprietary Lightning connector, the new regulations adopted in the European Union give companies, including Apple, no other choice than to fit their devices with USB-C.

This strategy, the EU says, is supposed to help deal with electronic waste while also making it more convenient for users to charge their devices without having to carry multiple chargers.

A new leak allegedly shows the base iPhone 15 model, and the USB-C port is one of the first things that we can notice. Clearly, Apple doesn’t want to wait until 2024 to replace Lightning with USB-C, and if this leak is accurate, then the iPhone 15, including the base model, will featu… (read more)

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