Life Without Apple Isn’t the End of the World, Qualcomm Says

Despite being Apple and Qualcomm suing and accusing each other of patent infringement, the two are still working together as part of a collaboration that has Qualcomm chips powering part of the iPhones currently on the market.

Apple, however, has gradually stepped away from Qualcomm, and following these legal disputes, it’s believed that the company could finally give up on the chip maker entirely, making the huge step towards the manufacturing of its own chipsets or working exclusively with Intel.

Qualcomm’s modem chips were installed on the iPhone 4s through iPhone 6s, while the most recent models are running on hardware developed by both Qualcomm and Intel.

Asked if it’s prepared for a world without Apple, just in case the Cupertino-based tech giant decides to abandon Qualcomm next year, the chip maker says there’s absolutely no reason not to be optimistic about the future.

“Yes, there’s one big OEM that we will continue to wo… (read more)

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