Look How Easy It Is to Break the iPhone 8 and Pay Apple $349 for Repairs – Video

, Look How Easy It Is to Break the iPhone 8 and Pay Apple $349 for Repairs – VideoApple made a design decision on this year’s iPhone 8 that raised a series of questions as to how durable the new devices are, as the company replaced aluminum with glass for the body of the 2017 generation.

Glass has always proved to be quite easy to shatter, but Apple claims that it turned to a method that involves reinforcing glass by a steel and copper structure, thus making it “the most durable glass” on a smartphone.

So while this means that the iPhone 8 should hold up pretty good to the majority of drops, it won’t survive all hits, and this is exactly what YouTube JerryRigEverything demonstrated in his most recent test (video embedded below).

What he did was test the iPhone 8 in the most common dropping scenarios, with and without a case, trying to find out whether the device featuring “the most durable glass” can withstand the hits that a smartphone typically experiences when being used on a daily basis.

Shattered glass back costs $349 to replace</… (read more)

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