Mac Malware Called OSX/MaMi Bypasses Antivirus Protection

, Mac Malware Called OSX/MaMi Bypasses Antivirus ProtectionGone are the days when Mac systems were more secure than Windows, and living proof is a new type of malware targeting Apple’s computers that has already been spotted and, what’s worse, it is undetectable by the majority of antivirus solutions.

Called OSX/MaMi, the malware was dissected by security researcher Patrick Wardle, who explained in a technical analysis of the infection that the damage it can do right now is kind of limited, but it has the potential of doing a lot more bad things on a compromised host with future updates.

Basically, OSX/MaMi is right now just a DNS hijacker, but Wardle explains that it could get more malicious capabilities, such as taking screenshots, injecting ads, stealing credentials, and other dirty things like these.

“OSX/MaMi isn’t particular advanced – but does alter infected systems in rather nasty and persistent ways. By installing a new root certifcate and hijacking the … (read more)

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