More Bad News for Those Who Wanted an iPhone 12

We’re likely just a few weeks away from the moment Apple is supposed to announce a new iPhone generation, and the closer we get to this day, the more information emerges through unofficial channels.

This time, what we get is pricing information for the iPhone 12, as you might know already, is considered quite a hot subject.

And it’s all because Apple is adding 5G support to the entire iPhone 12 lineup, which could obviously generate a more or less substantial price increase.

And according to people familiar with the matter, Apple would try an unprecedented gimmick to maintain its profit margin without actually increasing the final cost of the iPhone 12. The device could come without a charger, so basically, what you’re going to get when getting the iPhone 12 is just the device itself and nothing more.

This is one piece of bad news. The other is that Apple might not manage to keep the price at the current level and a somewhat increase is still expected.

I… (read more)

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