New iPhone 13 Chip to Be Impressively Fast, Early Benchmark Shows

The closer we get to the official unveiling of the iPhone 13, the more information reaches the web, and today, we’re being provided with an early look at what is believed to be the performance of the A15 chip coming on this new-generation model.

Of course, while unofficial data should always be taken with a pinch of salt, leaked benchmarks have gotten closer and closer to the actual performance of new chips, and clearly, they’re a good indicator of the improvements that a new-generation processor could bring.

In this case, a Manhattan 3.1 GPU benchmark shows the A15 chip that would be installed on the upcoming iPhone 13 reaching a score of no less than 198 FPS in the first test, up from approximately 170 FPS on the iPhone 12.

Furthermore, the average performance of A15 chip is between 140 and 150 FPS, which shows that Apple’s optimizations require an automatic throttling after a certain period… (read more)

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