Nintendo Switch Games on Apple Silicon Are the Coolest Thing of 2020

Apple launched Apple Silicon with much fanfare last month, and as we said on several occasions, developers are now working around the clock to optimize their apps and make them fully compatible with the new chip.

In the meantime, however, others are working on testing the capabilities of the M1-powered devices, just to figure out how far the ARM-based chip can go.

And a project shared on Twitter by @daeken shows something you wouldn’t normally expect on an Apple device: Super Mario Odyssey, a game developed for the Nintendo Switch, running on an M1-powered MacBook Pro.

That’s right, Nintendo Switch games are now running on Apple’s MacBook, and it’s all thanks to the ARM architecture. Both the Switch and the MacBook use ARM chips, though as the developer explains, making this happen is not as straightforward as it seems.

The Apple Silicon effects

Apple praised the capabilities of… (read more)

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