No Chance for Android to Overtake the Apple Watch, IDC Says

A new forecast published by research firm IDC indicates that the Apple Watch will remain the king of wearables, while models powered by Google’s WearOS or Samsung’s Tizen will be trailing behind.

IDC says the wearables market overall will reach 302.3 million units in 2023, up from 222.9 million units estimated for 2019, with smartwatches and ear-worn devices, like smart headphones, to account for no less than 70 percent.

Smartwatches, in particular, will represent a market clearly dominated by the Apple Watch with a share of 25.9%, followed by all the other platforms like Android, WearOS, and Tizen. A total of 131.6 million smartwatches are expected to be sold in 2023, IDC says.

“Smartwatches, as always, will still tell you the time, but will move deeper into health and fitness and connect with multiple applications and systems, both at work and within the home. Ear-worn devices, while still centered on providing audio, will nudge into other areas like language tr… (read more)

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