No Joke: iPhone 7 Owners Try to Create Headphone Jack by Drilling Hole in Phone

Back in 2014 when Apple launched the iPhone 6, a prank that was posted online claimed that the device could be charged in the microwave oven, and it was only a matter of time until a bunch of people actually tried it. And obviously got their iPhones cooked, not charged.

And the same thing seems to be happening again with the iPhone 7, but this time for a totally different reason. A video posted online by YouTuber TechRax shows iPhone 7 buyers that they can actually get the headphone jack back by simply drilling a hole into the secondary speaker grille.

Although for some it’s very clear that it’s just a prank, a few people actually fell for it and really tried to drill a hole in their phones. Did it work? No. Do phones work anymore? Nope.

Some of the comments posted on YouTube already went viral and a number of those who tried drilling a hole in their iPhones are now threatening to sue the uploader. Obviously, such a lawsuit doesn’t stand a chance since this is the… (read more)

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