Not Everybody Rushes to Install iOS 15 on Their iPhones

Apple released the new version of iOS on Monday, and naturally, diehards rushed to install the operating system on their iPhones seconds after the company published the download links.

And this makes perfect sense. iOS 15 is a highly anticipated release, and it comes with massive improvements, including new notifications and a Focus mode that allows you to focus on the things that matter based on a set of user-defined rules.

But on the other hand, it looks like not everybody rushed to install iOS 15 on day one.

Statistics published by MIxpanel and put together by 9to5mac show that in the first 48 hours, 8.59 percent of the eligible devices were updated to iOS 15, while in the case of iOS 14, the numbers were nearly double. No less than 14.68 percent of the eligible devices installed iOS 14 in the first two days of availability.

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