One of iPhone 11’s Most Anticipated Features Is There, Disabled by Apple

The new-generation iPhone is here, but some of the highly-anticipated features that made the rounds on a regular basis throughout the year are not, and these include reverse wireless charging as well.

Already available on a series of Android phones, the reverse wireless charging, or two-way charging as some call it, is supposed to allow Apple users charge their other devices using the iPhone.

In other words, the iPhone can play the role of a power bank, essentially providing some extra power for devices like the AirPods, Apple Watch, or other accessories.

And while people familiar with the matter said the iPhone 11 was almost certainly supposed to come with such capabilities, it looks like Apple removed them at the very last minute.

But according to a recent discovery, the hardware that is required to make reverse wireless charging happen on the iPhone 11 is actually there, only that the software to power it is not.

iOS update could enable it

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