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Apple not allowed to sell used iphone in india

India Says "No" to Apple's Used iPhones

Apple has finally received an answer to its request to sell used iPhones in India, as the local government has officially rejected the proposal on grounds that it could invade the country with refurbished...

Apple to ditch 16 gb storage option on iphone 7

Apple to Ditch 16 GB Storage Option on iPhone 7

Apple is planning several big changes on the upcoming iPhone 7, and one of them concerns storage options, as people with knowledge of the matter have hinted that the 16 GB version could be...

Apple sued for wi fi technology used on the iphone

Apple Sued for Wi-Fi Technology Used on the iPhone

Apple has once again been sued, this time by the California Institute of Technology, which claims that Wi-Fi technology used on some devices, including iPhones and iPads, is violating its patents. In a lawsuit...