Police Create 3D Print of Murdered Man’s Fingers to Hack His iPhone

If you believe that securing your phone with a fingerprint makes it impossible to hack, think again. Michigan police have recently asked the Michigan State University to produce a 3D replica of a dead man’s fingers in order to access his iPhone and collect data that is believed to contain evidence linked to an ongoing murder case.

Professor Anil Jain has been tasked with creating the 3D molds, and according to a report by Fusion, the project is advancing well so far, although in-lab testing is still being performed, and it’s not yet sure that the prints can unlock the iPhone.

With a long experience in facial recognition programs, fingerprint scanners, and tattoo matching, the Professor says that they are trying to build the 3D prints using the man’s fingerprints that already existed in the police database, as he was arrested in the past and his information was recorded. It’… (read more)

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