Qualcomm Wants Court Order to Force Apple Suppliers to Pay Royalties

Qualcomm and Apple are in the middle of a patent licensing dispute and it seems that the chipmaker has just made its next move. Qualcomm has requested a court order to force Apple’s suppliers of components to make royalty payments during the legal process.

Qualcomm’s general counsel stated for Axios, “We are confident that our contracts will be found valid and enforceable but in the interim it is only fair and equitable that our licensees pay for the property they are using.”

“Apple has made clear that it will continue to embargo all Qualcomm royalties, for all Apple products, for the indefinite future. By withholding billions of dollars in royalties so long as Qualcomm defends itself against Apple’s claims, Apple is hoping to make litigation unbearable for Qualcomm and, thereby, to extract through a forced settlement what it knows it cannot obtain t… (read more)

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