Replacing a Damaged iPhone XR Display Is Surprisingly Cheap

If you haven’t ordered AppleCare+ for your new iPhone XR, there’s good news. It’ll cost only $199 to replace a damaged screen for this particular model, according to Apple’s official pricing.

Despite not offering the same performance as the OLED sibling, the LCD screen comes with a series of advantages, including the said replacement cost.

With a $199 price tag, the operation is only a bit more expensive than in the case of an iPhone 8 Plus, which also uses an LCD screen and comes with a servicing cost of $169. Replacing the display of an iPhone 8 without warranty and AppleCare+ coverage sets you back $149.

More expensive non-screen repairs

However, if your phone suffers any other damage, the repairs are getting a lot more expensive, with Apple saying that fixing any other problems would cost $399.

That’s because of the complex nature of iPhone XR’s construction, as replacing pretty much any component also means breaking the phone apart and then… (read more)

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