Samsung May Help Apple Make the 2019 iPhone Thinner and Lighter

, Samsung May Help Apple Make the 2019 iPhone Thinner and LighterDespite Apple’s efforts to reduce reliance on Samsung, the Cupertino-based giant still has to work with its long-term rival for certain technology especially when it comes to displays.

According to a new report, Samsung is the only company that can help Apple make the next-generation iPhone thinner and lighter than the current models, and it’s all thanks to a new screen technology that the South Korean company invented earlier this year.

Basically, what Samsung managed to do is to integrate the touch-sensitive layer that is normally placed on top of the display right within the screen, so the company saves some extra space that would essentially make the device overall a little bit thinner and obviously lighter.

While it’s too early to tell how significant the change is going to be, the linked source indicates that Samsung has already discussed with Apple a possible partnership for the technology called Y-OCTA.

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