This Band Makes the Apple Watch Smarter than a Smartwatch

, This Band Makes the Apple Watch Smarter than a SmartwatchApple Watch is already one of the most capable smartwatches on the market, but a smart strap announced this week at CES pushes its features way beyond what Apple itself developed.

The so-called AURA Strap for the Apple Watch is nothing more than a band that comes with its own smart capabilities, being able to do things like tracking hydration and body composition and then generating statistics that are sent to your iPhone wirelessly.

Using bioimpedance, the strap is able to run a quick body composition analysis, which means it’s able to measure fat and muscle mass in your body. Then, it can determine the hydration level and calculate the risk of heart failure, something that the Apple Watch is capable of, but which the AURA Strap could possibly determine more accurately given the extra readings.

Now available for pre-order

The design of the AURA Strap doesn’t set itself apart from the rest of the Apple Watch bands out there, as it uses sensors pl… (read more)

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