This Is What iOS 10 with a Dark Theme Should Look Like

iOS 10 is expected to make its first public appearance this month at WWDC, and one of the most requested features is the addition of a dark theme, especially given the fact that the platform doesn’t support themes (without jailbreaking, of course).

And while Apple has dropped some hints that a dark theme could be implemented, the company has otherwise remained completely tight-lipped on this change, leaving us dreaming about what a dark theme would look like in iOS 10.

The guys over at iHelpBR went another step forward and created a concept that imagines this visual update to iOS. At first glance, it looks absolutely fabulous, and there’s almost no reason Apple shouldn’t make this a key part of the upcoming iOS update, although some tweaks here and there are still necessary.

Dark theme for improved battery life

A dark theme would certainly come in handy not only in terms of looks but also for batt… (read more)

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