This Phone Is Nearly an iPhone X with an In-Display Fingerprint Scanner

Apple is believed to have launched the iPhone X with Face ID exclusively mostly because it couldn’t get a fingerprint scanner integrated into the display to work correctly.

And while the company says this isn’t true and Face ID was, in fact, supposed to be the exclusive unlocking method from the very beginning, there’s no doubt there are many potential buyers out there who are holding on to their purchase because they think they can’t live without a fingerprint sensor.

They are the target of Vivo’s recently-unveiled X21 and X21 UD Android phones, and the latter not only that looks very similar to the iPhone X, but also comes with a fingerprint sensor embedded into the display.

Vivo is one of the first companies that managed to make this happen, and its phones are equipped with the Synaptics Clear ID FS9600 sensor that was showcased in late 2017. It allows for easy phone unlocking by simply touching the display in the lower area.

Android 8.1

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