What I Want from Apple Watch 3.0

People can have a love/hate relation or be indifferent to smartwatches, after all, it’s just a toy.

Some do not see the use of them, they hate to have another thing to charge or they hate the design. Some want round watches, some bulky watches, some just want a lot of skins for the watches not to get bored, etc.

This is my limited opinion, not an exhaustive study

Personally, I like the fact that Apple Watch is not round, and that is a paradox as I hate the square classic watches. I have tried some other smartwatches and my conclusion is that a “square” is the best form to maximize the touch surface functionality.

Anyway, at first, I used the Apple Watch for notifications and quick message replies, but after setting up the Health app in August 2016, I had the ugly revelation that I was far behind on my daily activity target! I was using the default settings for a sedentary lifestyle ~ 360 calories/day!

That was a big red flag an… (read more)

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