What’s the Deal with These Two Black iPhones with Different Finishes?

Apple’s iPhone 11 is available in multiple colors, including white, green, yellow, purple, and black, with a (PRODUCT)RED version also offered as part of the program that Apple uses to contribute to the Global Fund to fight AIDS.

As we all know already, Apple has released all these iPhone finishes with its very own personal touch, so instead of a regular color, what you get is a premium paint that makes sense on a device that costs so much – iPhone 11 starts at $699 for the base model in the United States.

Furthermore, it’s not a secret that Apple typically pays much attention to every little detail on the iPhone, and this is why the build quality is so impressive. So in theory, you wouldn’t expect one iPhone 11 to be different from another with the same finish.

And yet, a photo showing two black iPhones with different finishes on reddit is close to goin… (read more)

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