Why an iPhone Without 3D Touch Is Not the End of the World

What was only a rumor a couple of months ago is very close to becoming reality: Apple is giving up on 3D Touch on the next-generation iPhone in favor of the Haptic Touch system already used on the iPhone XR.

At first glance, this can only be bad news. Introduced on the iPhone 6s and used on every iPhone since then (except for the iPhone XR mentioned above), 3D Touch allows users to press harder on the display in order to reveal special features like Peek and Pop and Quick Actions.

Thanks to a pressure-sensitive display, 3D Touch makes it possible to simply preview content on the screen without having to open it. And with Quick Actions, you can just press harder on the icons on the Home screen and do certain things faster, such as writing a new email.

But with Apple pushing harder for increased screen estate, every inch inside the iPhone is critical, so the company can no longer offer 3D Touch on new models. Not when a software-based alternative is already availabl… (read more)

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