Windows Apps on Apple Silicon Are a Real Thing Now

Apple launched the M1 chip earlier this month, and the first devices that are powered by Apple Silicon went on sale only a few days ago.

And naturally, developers out there are working 24/7 to bring their apps to these new devices, thus making sure everything is working natively.

The developing team working on CrossOver, the truly advanced solution that brings Windows software to Mac computers, has recently announced their software is also compatible with Apple Silicon, though some improvements are still required.

Apple Silicon already available for purchase

But many apps are already working on devices powered by the M1 chip, but other than, CrossOver 20 should be able to run most apps on Apple Silicon just fine.

“We got impatient and discovered that our local Best Buy had the cheapest Macbook Air in stock, so we bought it and loaded CrossOver 20.0.2 onto it. We also installed the beta version of Big Sur 11.1, because we know it has some critica… (read more)

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