With the iPhone 11, Apple’s Giving Buyers Exactly What They Want

While Apple’s CEO Tim Cook said the iPhone 11 is off to what he described as a “very strong start,” no actual specifics have been provided on the market performance of the new-generation iPhone.

But according to a report by Bloomberg, demand is so high that the Cupertino-based tech giant has decided to increase production of the iPhone 11.

Earlier this year, Apple reportedly asked suppliers to manufacturer between 70 and 75 million iPhones, and now the company required its partners to accelerate the production in order to reach the upper limit.

This is living proof the company expects demand for the iPhone 11 to remain strong towards the end of the year, and this makes total sense given the holiday sale boost is just around the corner.

Lower prices boosting demand

However, Bloomberg says there are two major factors that … (read more)

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