Without Steve Jobs, Apple Can’t Keep Up with Samsung, Former Exec Says

The upcoming iPhone 8 is playing a much more important role than we thought for the Cupertino-based company, as the way the company deals with the Touch ID saga will show whether it can beat Samsung in terms of flagships or not.

This is what former Apple creative director Hugh Dubberly said recently, with analysts speaking for the Wall Street Journal emphasizing that even top employees who left the company in the last few years believe that Apple is losing the cool factor.

Just like everyone else, Dubberly compares Tim Cook’s Apple with Steve Jobs’, pointing out that the company has become more of a follower and now it has a hard time keeping up with Samsung. As a result, the upcoming iPhone 8 does not afford to be just a design makeover, but a device overhaul altogether, with the Touch ID sensor integrated into the display to be a decisive feature… (read more)

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