Young People Believe Owning an Android Is Embarrassing

We’ve known for a while that many people buy iPhones just because they believe they are a sign of wealth, but a new report from the FT discloses the reason Gen Z buyers aren’t interested in Android devices.

As it turns out, American youngsters believe that owning an Android phone is kind of embarrassing, especially as everybody else has an iPhone.

Born between 1997 and 2012, Gen Z has become an essential part of the Apple customer base. Customers in this group purchase not only iPhones but also other Apple products, including the Apple Watch, the report shows.

More specifically, no more, no less than 34 percent of iPhone owners in the United States are part of this age group. This means more than one in three iPhone owners is a Gen Z member, and this says a lot about the way Apple products are seen by the young generation.

Only 10 percent of the people who bough a Samsung phone are Gen … (read more)

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