Your iPhone Has a Secret Keyboard That You Never Used (Although You’d Want To)

One-handed keyboards certainly come in handy on big phones such as the iPhone 7 Plus and there are several companies trying to offer and improve such software.

And apparently, Apple is one of these companies, as Cupertino has been offering a one-handed keyboard on its iPhones since a long time ago. The only problem is that nobody knew about it and, more importantly, nobody was allowed to use it since the keyboard was entirely locked.

Developer Steve Troughton-Smith made this discovery today and tweeted a video that shows how it works, explaining that it can be activated with edge-swipe. Although this looks easy, you shouldn’t try it because it’s pretty impossible to replicate it without hacking the OS, but fortunately, the developer posted the code online should anyone with a jailbroken iPhone want to implement it into an app.

As you can see in the screenshot attached to the article, what … (read more)

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