YouTube to Unlock PiP Mode for All iPhone Owners

YouTube continues to be the leading video sharing service, and needless to say, millions of iPhone users connect to it on a regular basis, most of them using the dedicated app.

But there’s one drawback hitting iPhone users and which YouTube is reportedly working on dealing with as we speak. The app lacks PiP support, which means users can’t watch videos on the platform while doing something else on their devices.

At one point, it was possible to do the whole thing via Safari, though it obviously wasn’t the most convenient approach. But by loading the mobile version of YouTube in the browser and then triggering the PiP mode made it possible for users to watch a video and then launch another app, though Google at one point blocked this functionality once and for all.

But as it turns out, the search giant is having a change of mind, as the company is now unlocking PiP in the YouTube app for iPhone, not only for Premium subscribers but for free users as well.

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