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New apple watch could launch with 2 inch display 535687 2

New Apple Watch Could Launch With 2-Inch Display

We’ve known for a while that Apple was working on a rugged version of the Apple Watch, and while the company has so far remained completely tight-lipped on everything related to this device, more...

Apple is now paying less for older iphones 535697 2

Apple Is Now Paying Less for Older iPhones

Apple has updated its trade-in program, and unfortunately, there’s no good news for owners of older iPhones who planned to exchange their devices for older models. The Cupertino-based tech giant is now paying less...

Apple orders already reduced by 10 535689 2

Apple Orders Already Reduced by 10%

Apple is projected to announce a new-generation iPhone in September this year, and the closest we get to this highly anticipated moment, the more information makes the headlines, obviously without Apple saying a single...

Apple not adjusting iphone 14 orders it seems 535690 2

Apple Not Adjusting iPhone 14 Orders, It Seems

The secrecy that surrounds Apple’s upcoming iPhone 14 lineup fuels all kinds of rumors, including a recent tidbit claiming the company has actually reduced the number of orders for the new-generation smartphone. While at...

New data shows apple is the king of smartphones in china 535674 2

New Data Shows Apple Is the King of Smartphones in China

We’ve known for a while that Apple’s iPhone is a money-making machine, but new numbers provided by Strategy Analytics reveal the device dominates online shopping festivals as well. More specifically, out of the 14...

Iphones still selling strong despite china lockdowns 535671 2

iPhones Still Selling Strong Despite China Lockdowns

The lockdowns that took place in China in the last months have obviously caused new disruptions in the supply chain, but according to one analyst, Apple’s iPhone is still selling strong and isn’t suffering...

Apple expected to increase iphone 14 pro prices 535661 2

Apple Expected to Increase iPhone 14 Pro Prices

Apple is working around the clock on getting the next-generation iPhone ready for prime time, and according to new information that has reached the web this week, the company is also planning an increase...