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Apple kills off dark sky once and for all

Apple Kills Off Dark Sky Once and For All

Apple has officially killed off Dark Sky, the weather app that so many people considered the absolute best choice on Apple devices. After taking over the parent company, Apple decided to integrate the best...

Iphone 15 pro to come with 8gb ram and usb c

iPhone 15 Pro to Come with 8GB RAM and USB-C

We’ve known for a while that the iPhone 15 series would introduce several major upgrades, but now it looks like the company is actually working on many other improvements. One of them is a...

New ipad pro models with oled screens due in 2024

New iPad Pro Models With OLED Screens Due in 2024

We’ve known for a while that Apple was working on iPads fitted with OLED screens and projected to see the daylight at some point in 2024, but new information also provides us with a...