Apple Vision Pro Pictures


Headset vision proHello everyone, on this page we have pictures of the Apple Vision Pro that you can download for free and you can even set them as your wallpaper on whatever Apple device you wish to use including the iPhone, iPad, iMac or Macbook.

What is Apple Vision Pro?

The Apple Vision Pro is a state-of-the-art mixed reality headset that represents Apple’s significant entry into the virtual and augmented reality space. It features two micro-OLED displays delivering over 4K resolution to each eye, amounting to a total of 23 million pixels. This provides an incredibly sharp and immersive visual experience. It is powered by it’s own custom OS known as visionOS which is of course based on iOS here and there.

The design is reminiscent of high-end ski goggles, with a seamless front panel crafted from a single piece of laminated glass flowing into a lightweight aluminum frame. Comfort is paramount, with a soft, magnetically attaching Light Seal ensuring a snug fit, while two headband options – the Solo Knit and Dual Loop – cater to individual preferences for breathability and support.

Apple Vision Photos


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