An iPhone X Buyer Has Already Dropped the Phone – Video

Apple fanboys camping outside an Apple Store to get an iPhone X, you better not read this. Remember the first guy who got an iPhone 6 and dropped it in front of the store right on live TV? It probably happened again with the iPhone X, though this time the cameras weren’t there to record the incident.

A video that’s making the rounds below, and which you watch below along with that famous iPhone 6 drop, shows what appears to be an iPhone X shattered due to what was certainly a powerful hit.

While at first glance the clip seems to suggest it was all just an accidental drop, it’s unlikely to be, and the damage is still too substantial to be caused by a regular smash to the ground.

But as long-time iPhone users probably know already, the damage that an Apple device gets following a drop depends on the way it hits the ground and the surface itself, so it’s pretty difficult to tell what exactly happened in this case.

Easy way to waste $1,000

For what … (read more)

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