Apple Announces iOS 14.8.1 With Emergency Security Updates


Apple announces ios 1481 with emergency security updatesApple has just released a new iOS software update, but this time, it’s not aimed at those already running the most recent version of the operating system.

In other words, if you’re already on iOS 15, you won’t be getting any update, unless you haven’t already installed the recently launched iOS 15.1, of course.

The new update is iOS 14.8.1, and as you can easily figure out given the version number, it’s a revision of the original iOS 14.8. And of course, it includes only small improvements, though this time, I’d say the improvements are critical for all devices out there.

This is because they’re entirely aimed at improving the security of the operating system, with Apple itself explaining in this tech support document that it’s resolving vulnerabilities in iOS. Just one bug is believed to be exploited in the wild, and users are obviously recommended to patch their devices as soon as possible.

Full focus on security patches

For example, the compa… (read more)

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