Apple iPhone 6s Saved a Woman’s Life in Manchester Bombing

, Apple iPhone 6s Saved a Woman’s Life in Manchester BombingLisa Bridgett‘s husband stated that she was injured during the Manchester bombing this Monday, but lucky she was talking on her iPhone 6s when the explosion occurred. The device managed to deflect and slow down shrapnel from the blast.

The explosion which occurred on Monday in Manchester, England could have been fatal for Lisa Bridgett, but lucky the woman was in the middle of a phone call when it happened. Her iPhone 6s managed to block shrapnel, which sadly, proved fatal for a number of victims who were attending Ariana Grande’s concert at the time.

However, Lisa Bridgett did suffer from injuries from the attack, a piece of steel nut cut through her finger and passed through her cheek, before getting lodged into her nose. Luckily, her iPhone deflected the metal piece’s trajectory, thus avoiding a fatal wound to her head.

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