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Hello everyone,NBA 2K21 is available to download for iPhone & iPad, of course most people need to know that NBA 2K Mobile Basketball has taken over the mobile game division of NBA2K, meaning instead of NBA 2K21 being released with that name, instead it will be released under the name of NBA 2K Mobile Basketball and it is updated each year with new gameplay, graphics etc. I don’t really like this decision by 2K, it has left a lot of people confused.

Today we will feature in my opinion, the best sports game franchise ever, NBA 2K and their brand new NBA 2K Mobile Basketball game for iOS which was released in late 2020 for iOS world wide. I can’t wait to download this game for my iPhone 12 later tonight. I think the first match I play will be the defending champions Lakers vs new look Brooklyn Nets. I want to play as Kevin Durant on his new team and see how LeBron and AD can try to stop me.

  • Is NBA 2K21 available for iPhone? Yes, it is but under a new name: NBA 2K Mobile

What Is NBA 2K Mobile Basketball About?

NBA 2K Mobile(2K21) allows you to stay in the game with and experience authentic NBA 2K action on your phone or tablet in a brand new Season. Season 3 offers deep card customization, an updated 2021 roster with more NBA stars and legends, new themes, new MyPLAYER items, and a new event type.

Experience console quality graphics and lifelike NBA 2K action on the go. Collect your favorite NBA players, build your dream team, and then step onto the court in 5v5 matchups or real-time PVP. Use Drills to train up your players, compete in Seasons to earn rewards and new crafting materials, compete in limited time events for exclusive cards, and rise up the leaderboards on your way to becoming a legend.

NBA 2K21 Game Features:

  • New King of the Court tournament added to event rotation
  • A new soundtrack and fresh visual redesign across all modes
  • Brand-new themes with unique card art exclusive to Season 3
  • Hundreds of cards featuring NBA players, All-Stars, icons, and legends
  • Console quality graphics and authentic on the court action
  • Variety of modes and events, including real-time PVP
  • MyPLAYER customization and 3-on-3 play in Crews mode
  • Updated jerseys, courts and player stats to reflect new NBA season(2020-2021)

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